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The General information on Bayside Area Cemeteries in Ozone Park, NY, USA


ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS:The collection and submission of data for these databases are dedicated to the memory of David Gevertzman whose search for the grave of his great-grandmother led to the research for Bayside, Mokom Sholom and Acacia Cemeteries. David was instrumental in this research and his continual "nagging" brought it to where it is today.  This work consumed fifteen years or more of David's and my life. Additional thanks to Maurice Kessler for his time and effort transcribing the data from paper records to the JOWBR excel templates.

Florence Marmor


OZONE PARK: Queens County

Note: Acacia, Bayside and Mokom Sholom are sometimes confused. In fact, death certificates might say one thing and the tombstone another. Be sure to check all the locations. Also, not all burials are included in these lists. Details of each are found below. Source:

UPDATE: Driving directions:

  • ACACIA CEMETERY: 83-84 Liberty Ave., Ozone Park, NY 11417; 718-845-9240; Kalawarie Society, (Rubinstein Plot) Gate 4 Plot 30: [{10811} lists 8 names only]. Not all names are included as some were all in Russian.] Source: Arlene Parnes
    Acacia burial societies:
    1st Yassir Congregation org. dedicated 11/6/10
    5671 Chevra Bnai Peiser 1911
    Aaron Kornfeld Benevolent Society
    Abraham Chebra Kad. Ohel Jacob (Ohel Jacob Soc.) 1939
    Achei Sholom Lodge #56 I. O. F. S. of I.
    Akiba Eger Lodge I. O. S. B. also Lodge #31
    Beer Meisel Lodge #8 I. O. B. A
    Benjamin Lodge #15 I. O. F. S. of I., dedicated 1899 org. 1873
    Benjamin Association also Benjamin Association O. B. A. 1884
    Bessarabia und Bessarabian Woms. Benevolent Assn.
    Bessaraer Verein unter Stitzung Verein
    Centennial Lodge #100 O. B. A. Centennial Association
    Chebra Bnai Konin Zwil Amsterdam
    Chebra Makower Anshe Polen Chebra Hamedrash Anshei Makower
    Chebra Gemilath Chasadim ubekher Cholima Sierpcer Gemilath Chasodim ubikur Cholim
    Chebra Medrash Anshek Makower
    Chevra Bnai Emet Moriampaler
    Chevra Oroch Chaim Anshiraruswkavits
    Chevra Agudath Achim M'Plock
    Chevra Doresh Tove Congregation Doberzynski
    Chevra Bnai Yisrael Kalwrier
    Chevra Kadisha Beth Israel
    Chevra Bet Yacov Cong. Beth Jacob of Harlem
    Cong. S. A. Libowitz
    Cong. Nachlass Israel Chevra Nachlatt Israel
    Cong. Ahawath Schulom B. Aaron
    Cong. B.I.S. Samuel Sulater Yisrael Sulanter mit zumit
    Congr. Beth Hamedrach Hagodol of Brooklyn 1906
    Congregation Lubevite Ulnyazim In Loving Memory of our Dear Father Jakob Lesser
    Congregation A.B.K.A. Krohz
    Congregation Anshei Chesed Shall Emes Founded 5657 (1897)
    Congregation Anshei Chesed Shalamit
    Congregation Ohob Zedek, organized 12/15/1895
    Congregation Beth Jacob Anshei Sholom
    Congregation Miskbkon Israel Suwalker Congregation
    Congregation Bnai Israel Kalwryir
    Congregation Kol Israel Anshei Poland Suwalk
    Congregation Kol Israel Polen Surwalk
    Doresh Tor Congregation Dobrinsky
    East New York Lodge #439 I. O. B. A.
    Elekanon Lodge #33, erected 1899, org 12/1883
    First Jassir Congregation, org. 10/20/08, dedicated 11/6/10
    Glogower Verbruderungs Verein 1907
    Indenpendent Lodge 143 I. O. B. A.
    Independent Chevra Achim Me Mahawer, erected 1906
    Joseph Levy Lodge #113 I.O.B.A. Pioneer Progressive Soc. Inc.
    Successors to the Joseph Levy Lodge Yosef Levy Lodge #113 I.O.B.A
    Kalischer Benefit Society
    Krakau Young Men's Assoc. (1st Young Men's Krakau Assn. erected 1886)
    Krakau Young Men's Association #1 (1st Y. M. Krakau) 1872
    Kutna Chevra Bnai Yacov
    Kutna Society B. J. 1878v Kutna Chevra Bnai Yacov, org. 1872, erected 1972
    Lincoln Society of Friends erected 1903
    Malower Chebra
    Meeyolovitzer Chevra Bnai Yehuda Harvitz Anshei Sefarad Nottenda Beshonat Tetesov
    Misbkon Israel Suwalker Congregation
    Molkovisker Young Men's Benevolent Society
    Montefiore M. B. Association organized 10-1990, erected 9/1890 [sic]
    Moses Mendelson Lodge #91 I.O.B.A. org. 4/24/1893 erected 9/16/26
    Moses Montefiore Benevolent Society
    Mt. Zion Congregation, organized 1888, erected 1899
    Nachelsker Society
    Nashieloker C.K.B.S. (Chevra Kadisha)
    Nederland Israelitish Sick Fund "Eendracht Maakt Macht". Founded 1859. Dedicated 1904
    Order Brith Abraham Benevolent Association
    Prener Bruderlicher unter verein unteerscht verein, org. 12/12/03
    dedicated 9/12/1 (date missing) Erec. by their children Isaac, Abraham, etc.
    Prushnitzer Chebra Asifas Israel
    Rosh Chodesh Cong. Ver Chevra Mikra Chodesh Betitsva Rosh Chodesh Ayar 563
    Rzeszower Korszyn Congregation
    Salanter Association
    Scherpzer Lodge No. 31 I. O. F. S. of I.
    Scherpzer Chebra Gemlith Chasadim 5654
    Shaolom Lodge 214 I.B.O., org. 1897
    Sheris Israel Cong. I.A. Stowisk, erec. 1892 Anshei Stowisk
    Sierpcer Chevra Chadisha Gemilath Chasadim ubiker Cholim
    Svehaner Yo s. Benev. Soc. Schwehsner YBB Soc. natiscada bob shanat
    Tifereth Israel Verein of Bklyn. Tifereth Israel Verein fun Bklyn.
    United Brethren of Mt. Gilead Agudath Achim Har Gilead 1900
    United Brethren M. B. & M. Aid Society Agudas Achim
    United Brethren M. B. & M. A. Society, org 2/4/1872, dedicated 5/1918
    Wilner Beneveolent Association, org 11/2/02, erected 10/29/11
    Yorkville Lodge #69 I. O. F. S. Of I. 1875 1902
    Young Friends Lodge #147 I. O.B.A.
    Zosler Protective Assn. org. 5/11/02 Zosler unter stitzung Garrsin
  • BAYSIDE CEMETERY: Congregation Shaari Tsedek at 80-35 Pitkin Ave; Ozone Park, NY; 718-843-4840 owns Bayside. They are in financial trouble and are looking to sell it but there have been no buyers for the cemetery. [information date prior to 2000] Some death certificates for Mokom Sholom state Bayside Cemetery as the place of interment.
       UPDATE: "...The office was basically closed. ...There was nice woman who was in the office on occasion and when I tried to get information from her she was unable to answer most questions. ... The cemetery needs maintenance plus it has old maps and card files. As one of the oldest Jewish cemeteries in the New York City area I am sure it would be great information, but it would take a group of volunteers and some cooperation from the cemetery to computerize the records and make the information available. It is not a small cemetery either. Source: Allan Jordan on JewishGen Digest: [6 Nov 2001]
        UPDATE: "Shul Silent On Cemetery Database" by Julie Wiener - The Jewish Week: A Mormon volunteer compiled a database of burial records for Bayside Cemetery, which dates back to 1842 and has approximately 35,000 graves. ... much of which is overgrown with weeds and poison oak ... However, Congregation Shaare Zedek, the Upper West Side synagogue that owns the cemetery, is ignoring Wamsley's request for permission to upload the data, even though he said the immediate past president agreed to the idea back in 2003. ... Rabbi Mark Ankcorn has not responded to Wamsley's numerous phone calls and e-mail messages over a nearly five-month span. The rabbi did not return repeated phone calls from The Jewish Week seeking an explanation, nor did Shaare Zedek president Joel Shaiman. .... caretaker, Bob Martorano, ... long troubled cemetery in Ozone Park. ... the rampant vandalism, toppled headstones and other problems at Bayside — he organized a major cleanup effort. Over the course of four days, Wamsley mobilized approximately 300 volunteers, most of them Mormons from low-income neighborhoods, to clear weeds and vines, remove garbage and generally try to make the cemetery — much of which resembled a rainforest — accessible to visitors. Wamsley's cleanup coincided with another volunteer effort, facilitated by City Councilman Joseph Addabbo and local funeral directors Leslie and Ralph Francisco, to repair the 35 badly vandalized mausoleums at the cemetery. That project was not completed, however, because the volunteers became disgruntled by Shaare Zedek's failure to cooperate. “It was disheartening to see the lack of effort on the other side,” recalled Addabbo. The 2003 cleanup did not solve all the cemetery's woes, but was a major improvement. Since then, the cemetery's small staff has managed to maintain most of the area that was cleaned. However, large swaths of the cemetery, particularly toward the back, remain overgrown and inaccessible, and many headstones are still damaged. Interviewed about the situation in '03, Shaare Zedek officials repeatedly said they lacked the financial resources to clean and maintain the cemetery, and had tried unsuccessfully to get broader Jewish communal support for it. ... “ There are Civil War veterans buried there,” Marmor said. “Both Bayside and Mokom Sholom go back to the 1860s, and there is unbelievable historical information in those cemeteries.” ... Robert Friedman, director of genealogy at the Center for Jewish History, said that while it's “fabulous for researchers” to have access to burial records on the Web, cemeteries are often reluctant to post them, sometimes because they want to protect the privacy of families with members buried there and sometimes for proprietary reasons — they want researchers to contact the cemetery directly to request information and perhaps make a donation. Joachim said there is a debate within the Jewish genealogical community over the ethics of publicizing records on the Web. While many people want the greatest amount of access possible, others want to protect privacy. ... Wamsley argues that Shaare Zedek posting its burial records on the Web might help raise badly needed funds to maintain the cemetery and bring Bayside to the attention of “people who have family buried there and may be interested in paying into the perpetual care fund.” Source: [October 2005]
    Burial Associations in Bayside:
    1st Yassir Congregation org. dedicated 11/6/10
    Abraham Lincoln Lodge
    Anshe Emuno
    Asher Lodge No. 13 I. O. F. S.
    Beershewa Bel. Soc.
    Biezaner Chebra Bnai Schoul
    Chaari Zedek (Sec. E)
    Chebra Machzike Torah Memorial Sinei Congregation
    Chebra Oroch Chaim Radoshkowarts
    Chebra Bnai Abraham Anchai Chechanover
    Chebra Kadisha Ohel Yitzhock
    Chebra Schaumai Schaboz Williamsburg
    Chevri Machzika Tfilla Anshei Stuchiner
    Congregation Bnai Abraham
    Congregation Bnai Israel
    Congregation Bnai Israel Kalwryir
    Congregation Shaari Zedek
    Congregation Anshei Trestine
    Congregation Miskbkon Israel Suwalker Congregation
    Congregation Seinerier & Wilna
    Congregation Beth Jacob
    Congregation Adereth El
    Congregation Bnai Jacob Tichten
    Doresh Tor Congregation Dobrinsky
    French Society
    Gnesner Benevolent Society
    Hebron Lodge Benevolent and Burial Society K.S.B.
    Hillel Lodge No. 43 S. F. of F. I.
    Hospital ground belonging to Chaari Zedek
    Jersey City Lodge No. 50 K. S. P.
    Joseph Benevolent Association
    Jubilaum Lodge K. S. P.
    Kadeska Bnai Abraham
    Kalisher Benefit Society: Workmen's Circle (U.S.). Kalisher Landsmanshaft and Vicinity, Branch 361 (New York, N.Y.) Records, 1951-1983. Description: .4 linear ft. Notes: Landsmanshaft, which was branch of Jewish labor fraternal order, organized by Jewish immigrants from Kalisz, Poland... and cemetery and other scenes in Kalisz, 1979... YIVO collections are in Yiddish, Russian, Polish, English, Hebrew, and other European and non-European languages. Location: YIVO Institute for Jewish Research, New York, NY. Control No.: NXYH90-A124 [December 2000]
    King Solomon Lodge & KSL No. 28, and KSL #28 I. O. F. S. I. Chevra
    Krakau Young Men's Association (1st Young Men's Krakau Assn., erected 1886
    Krakau Young Men's Association #1 (1st Y. M. Krakau) 1872
    Kutna Society B. J. 1878
    Malower Chebra
    Mariampolen Congregation
    Misbkon Israel Suwalker Congregation
    Moses Montefiore Benevolent Society
    New York Hebrew Mutual Benefit Society Inc. 5/23/1878
    Palestine Lodge No. 36 I. O. S. F.
    Rosh Chodesh Cong. Ver Chevra Mikra Chodesh Betitsva RoshChodesh Ayar 5636
    Russian Society
    Scherpzer Chebra Gemlith Chasadim 5654
    Scherpzer Lodge No. 31 I. O. F. S. of I.
    Simon Lodge
    Sinai Benevolent Association
    Sohne der Gererchtigkeit Chebra Bnai Zedek
    Temple Israel of Harlem Congregation
    Treue Bendesbrueder Lodge
    United Brethren Mutual Benefit and Aid Society
    United Hands Mutual Benefit Society Gates of Benevolent Associations at Bayside Cemetery number:
         11 Congregation Shaari Zedek
         10 Congregation Bnai Jacob Tichten
         9 Chebra Bnai Abraham Anchei Chechanaver
         8 Chevri Mechzike tfillo Anshei Stuchirer
         7 Chebra Kedusha Ohel Yitzhock
         6 Sohne der Gerechtigkeit Chebra Bnai Zedek
         5 Treue Bendesbrueder Lodge
         4 United Hands Mutual Benefit Society
         3 Congregation Adereth El.
         2 Anshe Emuno
         1 Kalisher Benefit Society: Workmen's Circle (U.S.). Kalisher Landsmanshaft and Vicinity, Branch 361 (New York, N.Y.) Records, 1951-1983. Description: .4 linear ft. Notes: Landsmanshaft, which was branch of Jewish labor fraternal order, organized by Jewish immigrants from Kalisz, Poland... and cemetery and other scenes in Kalisz, 1979... YIVO collections are in Yiddish, Russian, Polish, English, Hebrew, and other European and non-European languages. Location: YIVO Institute for Jewish Research, New York, NY. Control No.: NXYH90-A124 [December 2000]
         24 Russian Society
         25 French Society
         26 Chaari Zedek (Section E)
         27 Gnesner Benevolent Society
         28 Palestine Lodge No. 36 IOSF
    Abraham Chebra Kad. Chel Jacob
    Abraham Lincoln Lodge
    Akiba Eger Lodge
    Asher Lodge No. 13 I. O. F. S.
    Beerschewa Bel. Society
    Beizaner Chebra Bnai Schoul
    Benjamin Association O. B. P.
    Chebra A. A. M. Plazk
    Chebra A. A. Radoshkowortz
    Chebra B. A. Weishweiser
    Chebra Bnai Israel
    Chebra Bnai Peiser
    Chebra Machzike Torah Memorial Sinei Congregation
    Chebra Medrash Makower
    Chebra Schaumei Schaboe Williamsburg
    Congregation A. B. K. A. Rohz
    Congregation Ahawath Schulom B. A.
    Congregation Anshei Trestine
    Congregation B. I. S. Samuel Sulater
    Congregation Beth Hamedroch Hagodol of Brooklyn
    Congregation Beth Jacob
    Congregation Bnai Abraham
    Congregation Bnai Israel Kalwryir
    Congregation Kol Israel Anshie Polen
    Congregation Kol Israel Polen Suwalk
    Congregation S. A. Libswitz
    Doresh Tor. Congregation Dubrinsky
    Hebron Lodge Benevolent and Burial Society KSB
    Hillel Lodge No. 43 S. F. of F. I.
    Hospital Ground belonging to Chaari Zedek
    Jersey City Lodge No. 30 K SP
    Joseph Benevolent Association
    Jubilaum Lodge K. S. P.
    Kadeska Bnai Abraham
    Katna Society B. J.
    King Solomon Lodge No. 28
    King Solomon Lodge
    Krakau Young Men's Assoc.
    Krakau Young Men's Association
    Malower Chebra
    Mariamopolen Congregation
    Misbkon Israel Suwalker Congregation
    Moses Montefiore Benevolent Society
    Nashielsker C. K. B. S.
    New York Hebrew Mutual Benefit Society
    Order Brith Abraham
    Prushmitzer Chebra
    Scherpzer Chebra Gemlith Chasadim
    Scherpzer Lodge No. 31 I.O.F.S. of I.
    Sheris Israel Congregation I. A. Stowisk
    Simon Lodge
    Simon's Benevolent Association
    Suwalker Congregation
    Suwalker Congregation
    Temple Israel of Harlem Congregation
    United Brethren Mutual Benefit and Aid Society
    United Brothers
    United Israel Lodge 33 K. S. B
    Yorkville Lodge
    [Editor's Note: The organization of this list was difficult to follow. January 2001]
  • MOKOM SHOLOM: 80-07 Pitkin Ave., Ozone Park, NY 11417. 718-845-6030. The data was collected by Florence Marmor, David Priever, and David Gevertzman. Source and contact for all three: Florence Marmor; A web page gives the history including free burials: . Florence Marmor provided the following statement and information:
    Mokom Sholom Cemetery of Bayside, founded in 1865 by Congregation Darech Amuno of 53 Charles St., New York City is located in Ozone Park, Queens between 80th and 81st Streets and Pitkin and Liberty Avenues, the smallest of three adjoining cemeteries. The largest is Congregation Shaari Tsedek's Bayside Cemetery and then Acacia Cemetery. Mokom Sholom death certificates state Bayside as the place of burial. Maps including a current tax map show Mokom Sholom as part of Bayside.
         Congregation Darech Amuno sold the cemetery to the Avenue M Jewish Center of Brooklyn in 1967. About August 1977, Avenue M's Rabbi, Sidney Applebaum, avoided prosecution for gross neglect of the cemetery as well as mismanagement of its funds by agreeing to repay a certain amount of money and yeild ownership of the cemetery to the State of New York. As part of their case, the state probably photographed and inventoried the societies. When I first visited the cemetery in 1979, I saw broken tombstones thrown about, lying in heaps. This condition existed until approximately 1994. The state gave the cemetery to a group of plot owners who managed it for a few years and when unable to continue, they relinquished control to a corporation run by David Jacobson, Director of the United Hebrew Community of New York. He manages it and others including Machpelah and Acacia Cemetery. He claims there are few burial records for Mokom Sholom.
         According to incorporation papers, the Free Burial Fund Society of Congregation Darech Amuno provided burial for all the Jewish poor of New York City from April 1866 until at least January 1901. Using a low figure of 50 adult graves a year (The 1881 figure is 140 adults and 47 children but this is after the large scale immigration began.) equals 750 adult graves from 1866 to May, 1881. The United Hebrew Charities (no connection to Jacobson's organization) supported Darech Amuno's Free Burial efforts from May 1881 till February 1901. UHC's records show 11,514 burials during that period. The age breakdown from 1881 to 1893 (1892 missing) gives a total of 5,970 burials. They occupied about 2,617 adult size spaces. This equals 51.85% of the total burials from 1881 until February 1901. Therefore, there must have been about 5,000 adult size graves from 1881 till 1901. Darech Amuno must have used the cemetery for their own burials from at least 1865 till at least 1920 (could have been 1910). A low of five adult size graves per year for 55 years gives a total of 275. This added to the 5,750 above equals about 6,000 adult size graves. At 12 square feet per grave, this covers 72,000 square feet.
         Today, beginning at Liberty Ave. the back (or front) third of the cemetery is empty except for about 100 gravestones spread over half of this area or about 1.5 acres. Mr. Jacobson says the other half is unused (virgin) land but cannot explain where Darech Amuno's Free Burial area exists. A free burial area would have had few monuments. I, together with other people, remember tombstones in this area of "virgin land." Numerous people even recall a fence separating the third from the rest of the cemetery with many monuments behind the fence. Remnants of that fence remain in the cemetery. The one-third of the cemetery is about 80,000 square feet and is the only area that could be the free burial area of Darech Amuno that served the poor Jews of New York City between 1866 and 1901. Therefore, any burials in this area, unless clearly identifiable as never having been used, would be illegal, immoral, and a desecration to Jewish poor as well as to the whole cemetery and indeed to all the Jews of New York City. Selling a used grave as new is fraudulent. The management as well as the state would be subject to a massive lawsuit if they permitted such a disgrace. This cemetery should be considered filled and must be closed to new burials.
    Statement of Florence Marmor

    UPDATE: Wiener, Julie. "The Cemetery Nobody Wants". The Jewish Week. (UJA-Federation) 18 October 2002. "Bayside Cemetery is in shambles. The Gen-X members of the shul that owns it can't pay for upkeep. Who's responsible now?" Information about Shaare Zedek Synagogue also.

    UPDATE: "clean up a long-neglected Jewish cemetery in Queens later this month. The four-day effort..." SOURCE: "Mormons coming to rescue of rundown Bayside Cemetery. ... Established in the 1840s, Bayside Cemetery is the final resting place for approximately 35,000 Jews. It is located in a working- to middle-class section of Queens, almost an hour's subway ride away from the increasingly gentrified section of the Upper West Side that is home to Shaare Zedek's predominantly 20- and 30-something membership, many of them rabbinical students and young professionals. ... The cemetery has long been plagued by vandals and overgrown weeds. Many of the headstones, even in areas designated for perpetual care, have fallen over and not been repaired. In January, a vandal broke into one of the mausoleums and opened the graves, exposing human remains. ... This spring, City Councilman Joseph Addabbo, who lives just blocks from Bayside Cemetery, offered to help. Addabbo has mobilized Ralph and Leslie Francisco, local funeral home owners, who are in turn recruiting funeral providers to assist with mausoleum and tombstone repair. ... The cleanup effort at Bayside Cemetery (80-35 Pitkin Ave.) took place May 28-30 and June 2. For more information, e-mail Shane Wamsley at or call (801) 446-9092." Julie Wiener. The Jewish Week. May 18, 2003. [October 2002]

    Associations at Mokom Sholom Cemetery, Main Aisle:

    Left       Agudath Achim Chasad Shel Emet Gate 1
    Right      Israel Max Lewis Max Family Society
    Right      Dunaberger Association
    Left       #3 No Name Plaques are off Gate 3
    Left       #2 Family Plot Gate 2
    Right      Chevra Shabat Achim Gate 21
    Left       Family Plot
    Left       Bessabier Onat Ershdits (Hard to Read) Gate 4
    Right      Solomon Rosen Benevolent Society Gate 22
    Left       Missing Gate 5
    Left       Family Plot Near Gate 5
    Right      M Gans and R. Gans (looks like family plot) Near Gate 3
    Right      Gate 23 Missing
    Left       Marcus E. Harris l/2 Gate Missing No.
    Left       in Morris B. Goldberger
    Right      I. Hermann Family Plot
    Left       Road numbered 5-1/2
    Left       S. H. Sobel 1894
    Right      L H A l/2 gate missing: Chapman Ingber on post
    Left       Gate Missing beween 6 and 5-1/2
    Right      Herrman Benevolent Association, Gate 24
    Right      Missing Gate
    Left       M. L. Leman
    Right      Missing Gate
    Left       Chevra Anshei Radzelewer, Gate 6
    Left       Rzeszower Berbrueder Ungs Verein, Gate 7
    Right      Chevra Gemelus Anshei Meletz, Gate 25 also called Chevra Gemeles Chassidim Anshei Meletz
    Right      Herst Family Plot
    Left       No Plaques Drobnin Soc. Gate 8
    Right      Winitzer Society also called Chevra Ahuvat Sholom Anshei Winitzer Gate 26
    Left       Congregation Hand of Shuvel (Sholen) Gate 9
    Right      Chevra Bikur Cholim Bnai Yisroel Anshei Baranow Gate 27
    Left       Foister Poist Yasidair Congregation Gate 10
    Right      Agudath Achim Chesed Shel Emeth Gate 28
    Left       Chavurah Ohavei Shalom Natisdah Shanat Torim Gate 11
    Right      #29 is road
    Left       #12 is path
    Right      Across from 12 is a mausoleum w/name Margolin cemented closed
    Right      #30 is a path
    Left       Chananiah Society B. B.,Gate 13
    Right      missing Gate: Right missing gate means a gate is missing over there.
    Right      Max Cohen Gate 1914, leaning against Gate 32. This is a stray gate that lost its place. We found it leaning against gate 32. 1914 is the date going with the gate. There must have been a plot probably family attached to that gate.
    Right      Weisen Family Plot dedicated to the son of the owner who was killed while a soldier. Several other members of the family were buried there. It is a very large family plot. He was dissatisfied with the care given by Congregation Darech Amuno (the owners of the cemetery) so he disinterred everyone and returned the plot to Darech Amuno. One person from Darech Amuno has been buried there. The rest of the plot is empty.
    Left       Chevra Brith 1/2 gate Gate 14
    Right      Road 33
    Right      Road 33
    Left       Gate of Road 15
    Right      Dedicated 1882 Drobnin Soc. (newer part) Gate 35
    Right      36 No longer in Existence
    Left       Pathway 16 Destruction begins
    Left       By Liberty Ave. and 80th St. Gate 18 Right in front of office
    Dashiever Society Gate 17 to Right by Gate to Liberty Ave.
    Asher Todrem Sholem Benevolent leaning on Fence Right down Path 30
    Morris Livingston 1906 on left on Ground near Back Fence. This is a gate that belonged to a family plot that we found lying around the back fence. There are a few Livingston plots so it must belong to one of them. Date is 1906. Harris Daniel 1898 - gate found - no idea where the plots are. Michael Barnett 1896, (gate)

Mokom Sholom Committee of the Congregation Darech Amuno Bayside Cemetery - broken plaque w/ Hebrew writing estab. 1865: This was the writing on 2 plaques which stood on the Liberty Ave. gateposts of Mokom Sholom Cemetery for 130 years. This showed that Mokom Sholom Cemetery was two cemeteries, the regular portion and the free burial area. One plaque said Mokom Sholom Cemetery of the Congregation Darech Amuno established 1865 and the other Bayside Cemetery of the Congregation Darech Amuno established 1865. (The plaques have been removed.)