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Dovhe, Ukraine

Alternate names: Dovhe [Ukr], Dolha [Hun, Yid], Dovhé [Slov], Dolgoye [Rus], Dowhe [Ger, Pol], Dolhé, Delha, Doha

Region: Transcarpathia

  Town District Province Country
Before WWI (c. 1900):   Dolha Máramaros Máramaros Hungary
Between the wars (c. 1930):   Dovhé   Subcarpathia Czechoslovakia
After WWII (c. 1950):   Dolgoye Soviet Union
Today (c. 2000):   Dovhe Ukraine
Jewish Population in 1900: 113 (in 1880), 462 (in 1921)
Notes: Ukrainian: Довге. Yiddish: דאָלהע. Russian: Долгое. Hebrew: דולהא
There are several places named 'Dovhe' in Ukraine. This one is in the Maramures Region, 13 miles N of Khust (Huszt), 11 miles ENE of Irshava.
Dovhe, Ukraine: 48°22' N, 23°17' E
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